Operable Louvre Roofs

An opening roof by Shading Technologies mixes the comfort of your home and the beauty of the natural environment.  With concealed fixings and automation, a louvered roof is the seamless feature which connects interior and exterior spaces. 

The Operable Roof/ Louvre roof as supplied by Shading Technologies is the pinnacle of architectural shading products for the external environment. We proudly work with Kudos Louvres New Zealand and have forged an outstanding reputation for quality of product, exceptional workmanship and an industry competitive sharp price.

“Kudos operable roof systems blend a choice of 3 beautifully finished blade profiles with a unique drive mechanism which is designed to deliver performance in the harshest environmental conditions.”

Opening roofs can be ‘dropped in’ to openings created by your architect and builder and can be built in the following configurations:

  • Regular rectangular roof
  • Irregular roof
  • Multiple panel roof
  • Raking roof.



Please see some of our highlights below which demonstrates how our opening roofs have been used in such ways in Perth and South Western Australia

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